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Poppy Wreath
Remembering the Leith Battalion

The second of our project themes is a unique wreath made from 1000 poppies, possibly titled the Gretna Poppy. Working in partnership with the lady Haig Poppy factory to establish the poppy model and wreath, PYC will present the wreath at the memorial service held at Rosebank Cemetery in May 2015. At close of ceremony the Gretna wreath, and 1000 poppies, will be stored under controlled conditions until early November 2015. Fourteen days before Rememberance Sunday 2015, PYC would arrange to distribute the 1000 poppies to all primary school children in the local area, free of charge, to commemorate Remembering the Leith Battalion.

Visit to the Lady Haig's Poppy Factory

The final wreath.






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