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Community Projects

Pilmeny Podcast Diaries

The Leith Walk ward and Lorne community can boast many colourful characters. No doubt all will have a story to tell? The Pilmeny Youth Centre has established a new and unique project that will bring you a series of Podcasts that will give our local characters an opportunity to be interviewed and give a little insight into their personal history. The children of the Pilmeny Youth Centre Out of School Sports Clubs hope to record some interesting and fascinating interviews that will remain a historical time capsule of local people's lives, their memories, and life in Leith.

It's hoped the Podcast diaries will touch on a variety of aspects that touch the life of all Leither's.

"Love Leith.....Love Leithers"


P-KAD (Pilmeny Kick About Day)

Fridays P-KAD (Pilmeny Kick About Day) was a pre-cursor to our proposed Winter P-KAN (Pilmeny Kick About Nights) commencing in October 2013. The plan is to bring floodlit "door-step sports" to local children during the dark evenings and Friday's "taster day" allowed the youth centre an opportunity to assess the practicalities of the P-KAN proposal. The two hour session had 20 children aged 8 to 13, enjoying an organised activity. Several short discussions took place during the event between children and staff to record their thoughts and a formal questionnaire was presented to children in order to give them a platform to have a vital say in the P-KAN project and its 26 week programme. Feedback was as expected, very very positive. The youth centre and local partner groups will now work towards securing core costs to take P-KAN a step closer to its provisional October 2013 start date. Our thanks to 3v2 Soccer Academy, Inspiring Leith, Redpath Albion/Pilmeny Sports Club and Pilmeny Development Project for all contributing to a marvellous afternoon.

Easter Artz 2013

With thanks to funding from the Dr. Guthrie Association, PYC were able to provide a three day arts project during the Easter break in order to update two of the art installations affixed to the hall partitions. The project was facilitated by local artist Kirstie Hustler and was open to the very creative members of our Junior Sports Club. With two boards to design the children were given complete control of one board and were asked to sketch out their ideas and discuss themes, colours etc. The finished project was a fantastic depiction of all of their favourite activities they do at the sports club, with a brightly coloured variation of the saltire in the background.

For the second board Kirstie created a funky QR code (Quick Response Code) which, when scanned using the camera of a smartphone, will direct the user to the PYC website. Children were involved in painting and testing out the code as well as trying out their own QR codes.

The week was a great success with the children impressing all staff involved; their patience, maturity and creativity goes to show the importance of giving children their say and supporting their ideas.

Malawi Sports Kit

Pilmeny Youth Centre teamed up with Redpath Albion BC and Leith Academy to supply surplus sports kits to children in Malawi. Students from the Academy were recently in Malawi for a two week visit to assist with upgrading the facilities at a local school. Edinburgh Evening News highlighted the visit with an article and Leith Academy provided a series of photographs of Malawi pupils wearing the kit. Big thank you to Fergus Ross for putting everything together. Fergus is a trainee football coach at Redpath Albion and an ex PYC youth club member, as well as being a senior year pupil at Leith Academy. Fergus was included in the Academy party who visited Malawi and was taksed with the handover.

PYC Mini Sports Programme 2011/12 Evaluation

Many thanks to the funders of our 2011/12 Mini Sports Programme:


To view the project evaluation, please click here.

Take a moment to browse through photos from the project.


Easter "Give it a Try" Project

Our successful Easter "Give it a try" Project for our Mini Club and Mini Sports members was excellently received by the children in attendance. Informal participation meetings with the children during our club sessions, especially on trawling ideas for additional activities, kept to a recurring theme, that they would like to try Dance, Drama and Music. We decided to invest some funds in a week long series of "taster" sessions offering the three popular themes. Fully qualified tutors were employed to deliver the two hour sessions and from 1:30 to 4pm over four days during the holidays. The outcome was to have two phases. The first was to ”survey” the children and find out which activity was most popular. Questionnaires were distributed and with a 100% return rate these have now been evaluated. Phase two was then to act on the findings and investigate funding to provide a weekly session in order to give the children a more sustainable project option and give them a platform to develop and extend their skills and build on the games and sports element provided by the current out of school provision. Phase 1 has now been completed and first choice was a very close vote between Dance and Music. Indeed, Dance only came out on top by 1 point. Both tasters were so well received, given the childrens comments that accompanied the survey forms, that we've decided to investigate support to facilitate a Dance and Music project. We've let the children decide, the least we can do is support their ambitions.

Pilmeny Mini Sports and OOSC 2010/2011 Evaluation

Please click HERE to view the evaluation of our successful Mini Sports and OOSC 20/2011 Project.

Also, please take a moment to view our videos of the sessions in action and parent feedback.

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Friday 16th August 2013

The Pilmeny Youth Centre is delighted to announce the appointment of three new directors. A warm welcome to Cindy Pritchard, Tom Burnett and Frank Ross. All of our new directorship appointments, have a long history of working alongside, or supporting the youth centres work in the community, and the increase in board directorships will allow the board to consolidate its current and future development strategies. Welcome also to, Maria Croall who joins our management committee. Maria will represent our landlords and the congregation of Pilrig St Paul's Church.

Thursday 8th August 2013

Thanks to support and funding from the Big Lottery Fund in tandem with The Scottish Government the PYC will continue its out of school sports provision with our new Fit4Fun project. Taking place over three separate days, the project will cater for children in Primary 1 up to Primary 6. See poster for details.

Friday 2nd August 2013

PYC music project hitting the right notes. Thanks to funding support, and generosity of the Moffat Charitable Trust and the Ernest Cook Trust, our sucessful music project will continue for another year. In addition, PYC is now in a position to expand its music provision, to offer tuition to older children within the community. Both projects, are due to commence on Monday 19 August, continuing until end of June 2014. Registration is now open for budding musicians looking for tuition at our Senior music sessions.......

Wednesday 31st July 2013

P-KAD Project. Our Pilmeny Kick About Nights moved a step closer to reality with capital funding support awarded by the Gordon Faser Trust, The John Watson Trust and the Rank Foundation. The generous contributions from all three funders has allowed PYC to lay the "foundations" for our winter evening sports projects with the purchase of four portable floodlight rigs that will allow PYC to facilitate evenings sports activities - 4 a side football - Basketball - Unihock etc at the two recreational areas contained within Dalmeny Street Park. Two ideal sites, used by local children and young people, from dawn to dusk in the Spring and Summer evenings, but lie redundant as soon as the clocks change in October. When the dark nights flood in....its all systems go for P-KAD






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